Anticipating Adventures in 2018

We’re back where we belong. Our tradition of greeting the new year’s dawn over the Atlantic brought us this holiday to weekend to Sebastian, on Florida’s east coast. And after an off-putting experience on South Beach in 2016 and a disappointing weather patter in 2017, we finally found ourselves in the right location and were able to experience a show to remember. The forecast called for rain and extremely cloudy skies. When we dragged ourselves out of bed in the pre-dawn hours, we wondered whether we’d see the sun at all and possibly end up drenched. It turned out that the overcast skies created a perfect canvas for the sun’s rays, which illuminated the sky in crimson and cast glowing reflections across the sea. Even though we didn’t see our favorite fiery orb peek above the horizon, it was still an A+ sunrise. We’re hoping the rest of the year brings plenty more of the same — surprising beauty coming from seemingly mundane or inauspicious circumstances. After a year with a lot of personal and professional changes, we are looking forward to some amazing experiences that we hope will challenge us to increase our skills, our knowledge, our optimism and our empathy. Based on an extremely limited sample size so far, but some very exciting plans, I’ve dubbed 2018 the Year of Awesome.

Seabirds flocking to greet the new year as well. And also catch fish.



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