Exploring Southeastern Utah From Monticello

To support Ken’s medical treatments, we spent 10 days ensconced in a private RV park in the tiny town of Monticello, Utah, 50 miles south of Moab. While daily drives up to Moab for Ken’s IV antibiotic treatments absorbed a lot of our time, I also had the opportunity to take a few trips to … Read moreExploring Southeastern Utah From Monticello

Boondocking Outside Quartzsite, Arizona

We arrived in Arizona after our week at Joshua Tree with the federal government still shut down and still throwing a wrench into our plans. Fortunately we had built some flexibility into our schedule, so we decided to hunker down for a week near Quartzsite, Arizona to see how things developed in Washington. Quartzsite The … Read moreBoondocking Outside Quartzsite, Arizona

Captivated by the Mountains at Grand Teton National Park

Now, I’m not saying that we quit our jobs, gave away most of our belongings, moved into an RV, and traveled across the country in 6 months just so I could take the photo above. However, as we were planning our journey of American discovery, there were definitely certain camping locations that were on our … Read moreCaptivated by the Mountains at Grand Teton National Park

Awed by the Rugged Grandeur of the Badlands

After our stop in Sioux City, we took two days to travel across southern South Dakota in search of the Badlands. The first day fulfilled every stereotype of South Dakota — long, straight roads shooting through massive, perfectly level fields in various stages of cultivation. The land seemed to be without end, and the tasks … Read moreAwed by the Rugged Grandeur of the Badlands

Feeling Un-Florida in Florida’s Capital

As a multi-generation Florida native, and a policy wonk, I’ve always had a certain fascination with Tallahassee and a respect for the work that goes on here. On the other hand, I’ve also viewed the state capital as a somewhat strange and alien place, disconnected from the state it leads. That sentiment was reinforced during … Read moreFeeling Un-Florida in Florida’s Capital