2020 – 2021 Map (Pandemic Years)


Our goal for 2020 was to visit plenty of new-to-us places with a concentration on the Great Lakes in the summer months. As of December 2019, the plan for 2020 — as far as it existed — looked like this:


We made it through the normal itinerary in January, February, and part of March before the pandemic hit. We then scurried to the Florida Panhandle, where we owned vacant land, to hunker down. We stayed there and got to work on homebuilding, finally finishing the house in the early summer of 2021. Getting vaccinated in spring 2021 meant we could resume limited travel, but with no reservations in place and having made commitments to volunteer with some local organizations we stayed fairly close to home.

The actual journey in 2020-2021 is mapped below. As always, blog posts pop up in the area below the map when the cursor is over any of the dots on the map. (Click refresh if the map is blank.)