Impressed by a Hole in the Ground at the Grand Canyon

With 6 million visitors per year, it’s the second-most visited national park after Great Smoky Mountains NP – which is surrounded by developed areas, doesn’t charge an entrance fee, and has a major roadway running right through its middle. The Grand Canyon is America’s top destination park, and 90% of those visitors go to the … Read more

Punched in the Face by Shoulder Season in Flagstaff

Thanks to the ever-increasing popularity of RVing — a trend that we are obviously a part of — in order to secure camping spots in the most popular destinations we have to plan our travels around school vacations, holidays, and other markers of “high season.” In part, this means planning fairly far in advance and … Read more

More Than Just Standing Around on Corners in Winslow, Arizona

Well, so much for the trees. After leaving Cottonwood and its relatively leafy environment, we headed to northeastern Arizona, where the Colorado Plateau put us at relatively high elevation but in an arid desert environment with virtually no trees in sight. The flat, scrubby high plains just go on forever.  We were scheduled to be … Read more

Hitting Arizona’s High Country in Cottonwood

After our stop at Picacho Peak we skipped right over the Phoenix metro area and landed in the historic town of Cottonwood, nestled along the Verde River at an elevation of around 3,500 feet. That increase in elevation meant a few things: our arrival just days after a major snowstorm meant we encountered plenty of … Read more

Saying Adios to the Sonoran Desert at Picacho Peak SP

Our final stop in the dramatic and beautiful Sonoran Desert was a short stay at Picacho Peak State Park, located about halfway between Tucson and Phoenix. The day after we left Tucson, the state of Arizona experienced a freak weather pattern that brought several inches of snow to Tucson and Phoenix, and dumped a record-breaking … Read more