Humbled by Giants in the Redwoods

Since we’ve visited botanical gardens across the country during our time on the road, it should come as no surprise that our itinerary included a week-long stay in Northern California to explore the extensive Redwood National and State Parks. And it’s equally unsurprising that we found the redwoods to be utterly majestic, breathtaking, impressive, and … Read moreHumbled by Giants in the Redwoods

Big City Living in Boise

Boise’s population of around 300,000 and its role as the capital of the state make the city comparable in some respects to Tallahassee, Florida, our home-state capital. But unlike Tallahassee, which is a relatively small town in a state with multiple major metropolitan areas, Boise is also the largest city in the state by a … Read moreBig City Living in Boise

Yellowstone Part 2: Prolific Wildlife and Scenery in Northern Yellowstone

After nearly a week at Madison Campground, we relocated to the campground at Mammoth Hot Springs, close to the northern entrance to the park in Gardiner, Montana. Like many campgrounds in national parks, this one operates on a first-come, first-serve basis so we of course had no reservations. Considering how busy the park has been, … Read moreYellowstone Part 2: Prolific Wildlife and Scenery in Northern Yellowstone

Yellowstone Part 1: Colorful Puddles and Persistent Crowds

Our slow-motion travel style has us spending almost three weeks (20 nights) in Yellowstone National Park, camping in several different locations within this gigantic and diverse park. Our initial stay was 6 nights in the Madison Campground, about 15 miles into the park from the West Yellowstone entrance and within relatively close proximity to the … Read moreYellowstone Part 1: Colorful Puddles and Persistent Crowds

Rough Riding with Teddy

Our slow travel schedule afforded us 10 days to enjoy Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota, which we split equally between the distinct north and south units, geographically separated by 70 miles. We did not make the effort to reach the Elkhorn area, which is actually the former “home ranch” of the park’s namesake, … Read moreRough Riding with Teddy