Punched in the Face by Shoulder Season in Flagstaff

Thanks to the ever-increasing popularity of RVing — a trend that we are obviously a part of — in order to secure camping spots in the most popular destinations we have to plan our travels around school vacations, holidays, and other markers of “high season.” In part, this means planning fairly far in advance and … Read morePunched in the Face by Shoulder Season in Flagstaff

Tucson Part 3: Wrapping Up

Our month-long stay in Tucson has flown by, and we’re off to other destinations in Arizona. Staying in one place for an extended period of time helped us get through the coldest month of the year in a relatively comfortable spot, even though an unusually wet winter meant we saw a surprising number of cool, … Read moreTucson Part 3: Wrapping Up

Tucson Part 2: Expanding Our Explorations

Our second full week in Tucson offered a chance to dive deeper into the offerings of this vibrant little city. By staying in one place, we grew more accustomed to the rhythms of the city, including but not limited to the training schedule of the Air Force base located near our campground. We focused our … Read moreTucson Part 2: Expanding Our Explorations

Basking in Science and Nature in Bozeman

Bozeman, Montana has a profile similar to Missoula, since it is also anchored by a major state university and has a vibrant art and culture scene. As you might expect, there are quite a few breweries here! Surprisingly, though, instead of a boozy week of beer, our focus during our visit turned out to be … Read moreBasking in Science and Nature in Bozeman

Digging into Mining History in Butte

Butte is a mining town. The city developed entirely because of the industry, and even today the skyline is dominated by mine headframes everywhere. A cursory glance at the Google satellite view of the city will show a town that appears dangerously close to being consumed by the mines to its northeast side. Butteā€™s mining … Read moreDigging into Mining History in Butte