Blogs We Follow

While the internet has certainly been the cause of many wasted hours of my life, it is also a source of great information, entertainment and inspiration. Here are some of our favorite sites.


Adam Smith, Esq: Sage commentary on the business of law.

Ask A Manager: Practical and compassionate advice about work situations. Also, daily evidence that your workplace is not the craziest one out there.

Bank Lawyer’s Blog: (No longer actively updated.) Bringing the snark to the world of financial institution regulation.


Frugalwoods: A young family documenting frugal living on their Vermont homestead (but with an excess of greyhound outfits). Earned his position as the patriarch of the online community devoted to simple investing and achieving financial independence.

Mr. Money Mustache: Can’t summarize it better than his own tagline – Financial Freedom Through Badassity.

Portfolio Charts: Thoughtfully designed data visualization tools relating to saving and asset allocation.


Aluminarium: A couple working remotely and traveling full time in an Airstream.

Chapter3Travels: Two lawyers who put their careers on hold and embarked on a multi-year full-time travel journey in 2016.

Finding Marshall: A thoughtful solo full-time traveler.

Raven and Chickadee: A couple of avid birdwatchers and outdoorsy people who have been on the road full time since 2013 and take photos that make me intensely jealous.

Technomadia: A couple of tech gurus working and living full time in a vintage bus when not cruising the Great Loop by boat.

Van Tramp: Another working full time traveler, formerly solo in a van and then in an Airstream, then a van, then a sailboat as part of a couple.

Watsons Wander: Another couple working remotely and traveling full time in an Airstream.

WheelingIt: A couple not working (hooray) that traveled full time in a beast-size RV in the US, then moved to Europe in 2018.