Blogs We Follow

The internet has certainly been the cause of many wasted hours of my life, but is also a source of great information, entertainment and inspiration. Here are some of our favorite sites.


Because while this lifestyle is very affordable, it ain’t free.

Frugalwoods: A young family documenting frugal living on their Vermont homestead.

GoCurryCracker: Early retiree family traveling the world, with a blog full of useful tax info and charts. Has a well-earned position as the patriarch of the online community devoted to simple (hello, index funds!) investing and achieving financial independence.

Millennial Revolution: A Canadian couple who retired in their early 30s after super-saving and avoiding the real estate bubble, and now travel the world full time while dispensing financial advice.

Mr. Money Mustache: Can’t summarize it better than his own tagline – Financial Freedom Through Badassity.

Portfolio Charts: Thoughtfully designed data visualization tools relating to saving and asset allocation.


Aluminarium: A couple working remotely and traveling full time in an Airstream. (no longer regularly updated)

Chapter3Travels: Two lawyers who put their careers on hold and embarked on a multi-year full-time travel journey in 2016 in their Class A motorhome.

Chasing Dirt: A couple of early retirees in a Class A motorhome who find all the good places to hike.

Finding Marshall: A thoughtful solo full-time traveler who mostly boondocks. (no longer regularly updated)

Raven and Chickadee: A couple of avid birdwatchers and outdoorsy people who have been on the road full time since 2013 and take photos that make me intensely jealous.

Technomadia: A couple of tech gurus working and living full time in a vintage bus when not cruising the Great Loop by boat.

Van Tramp: Another working full time traveler, formerly solo in a van and then in an Airstream, then a van, then a sailboat as part of a couple. (posting about sailing now)

Watsons Wander: Another couple working remotely and traveling full time in an Airstream.

WheelingIt: A couple of retired engineers who traveled full time in a beast-size motorhome in the US for 7 years, then moved to Europe in 2018.