Strange Isolation at John Day Fossil Beds

Even after being on the road for almost 8 months, even after extensive reading of reviews, even after plenty of time spent analyzing satellite maps, we are still encountering places that completely defy our expectations. Eastern Oregon is one of those places. We were in the area mostly to see the John Day Fossil Beds … Read moreStrange Isolation at John Day Fossil Beds

Skipping Across Montana

After leaving North Dakota we faced a verrrrrry long trip across the gigantic state of Montana, the 4th largest in the nation, to reach our next major destination: Glacier National Park. Eastern Montana and the northern tier of Montana are very sparsely populated (as in: plan ahead, because the next gas station could be 50+ … Read moreSkipping Across Montana

Appreciating Volcanic Geology at Devils Tower

Our last stop before leaving the Black Hills area was Devils Tower National Monument. Unfortunately for people who care about grammar, the lack of an apostrophe in the name is “correct” since that is how the location was named in the statute designating the monument. While this is not a huge site, with just a … Read moreAppreciating Volcanic Geology at Devils Tower

Mandatory Visits in the Black Hills

Southwestern South Dakota — a place I had never visited and frankly never even considered as a vacation destination — has a dense concentration of places we have loved. Were it not for the thought of subzero winter conditions, I think Ken would be ready to move here in a heartbeat. After our awesome five … Read moreMandatory Visits in the Black Hills