Crowds and Plodding in Western Glacier National Park

Our much-needed break in Kalispell not only resulted in plenty of clean laundry, but also gave us a chance to finally restock our fresh foods. We learned that, given the size of our fridge and the rate at which we consume fresh products, we can only go about two weeks between grocery store visits. Trust … Read moreCrowds and Plodding in Western Glacier National Park

Gaping at Eastern Glacier National Park

When planning our route for 2018, we expected that a summertime visit to the Crown of the Continent – Glacier National Park – would be a highlight. So far, it has completely lived up to our expectations. We approached the park from the east, where we were rewarded after an incredibly long drive across the … Read moreGaping at Eastern Glacier National Park

Rough Riding with Teddy

Our slow travel schedule afforded us 10 days to enjoy Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota, which we split equally between the distinct north and south units, geographically separated by 70 miles. We did not make the effort to reach the Elkhorn area, which is actually the former “home ranch” of the park’s namesake, … Read moreRough Riding with Teddy

Finding the Wild in the Black Hills

Although we are in the high summer season, and the Black Hills were filled with tourists in the weeks just after Memorial Day, we managed to find many, many locations of relative solitude and incredible beauty in this large wilderness. Custer State Park The focal point of our visit to the Black Hills was Custer … Read moreFinding the Wild in the Black Hills

Awed by the Rugged Grandeur of the Badlands

After our stop in Sioux City, we took two days to travel across southern South Dakota in search of the Badlands. The first day fulfilled every stereotype of South Dakota — long, straight roads shooting through massive, perfectly level fields in various stages of cultivation. The land seemed to be without end, and the tasks … Read moreAwed by the Rugged Grandeur of the Badlands