A Short Sojourn at Three Rivers State Park

It was unbelievably hot, it was incredibly humid, and it rained a lot. We really enjoyed it. Diligent readers will know that we made the decision the remain in the Florida panhandle for the remainder of 2020, giving up on the dream of spending the summer at the Great Lakes in order to minimize our … Read more A Short Sojourn at Three Rivers State Park

Blue Spring State Park: Life in the Time of COVID

As news about the spread of COVID-19 became increasingly concerning, Blue Spring State Park was an excellent place to keep abreast of the latest developments (with good internet and over the air TV) while practicing social distancing by spending most of our time hiking and kayaking. At least it was a good spot, until the … Read more Blue Spring State Park: Life in the Time of COVID

Skipping Across Montana

After leaving North Dakota we faced a verrrrrry long trip across the gigantic state of Montana, the 4th largest in the nation, to reach our next major destination: Glacier National Park. Eastern Montana and the northern tier of Montana are very sparsely populated (as in: plan ahead, because the next gas station could be 50+ … Read more Skipping Across Montana

Moseying Up the Big Bend

We are taking our time traveling up the Florida peninsula for two reasons: one, Florida is a ridiculously long state, and two, it’s still cold “up north” in any place not surrounded by water.  Since we’re not in a hurry, we can divide up the distance into more manageable driving days and also enjoy the … Read more Moseying Up the Big Bend