Feeling the Heat at Navajo Dam

We have a commitment in Pagosa Springs, Colorado beginning on June 9, so we filled the week after our Durango stay by making a quick visit to northern New Mexico in the vicinity of the Navajo Dam project. For what seems like the very first time in 2019, we had truly warm weather, with daytime … Read moreFeeling the Heat at Navajo Dam

Returning to Normal in Durango, CO

After struggling for most of the month of May with medical challenges and unseasonably bad weather, the theme of this week was getting back to normal. We camped in a place that is more typical for us, and we got back to doing our typical activities. The grill even came out of storage, and Ken … Read moreReturning to Normal in Durango, CO

Ancient Cities, Late Snow, and a New Jack in Cortez, CO

With Ken’s health steadily improving, and no further need to stay in the Moab area, we were happy to head east into Colorado in search of new adventures. The main focus of this visit would be Mesa Verde National Park and the surrounding areas of archaeological interest. The Four Corners region and particularly Southwestern Colorado … Read moreAncient Cities, Late Snow, and a New Jack in Cortez, CO

Exploring Southeastern Utah From Monticello

To support Ken’s medical treatments, we spent 10 days ensconced in a private RV park in the tiny town of Monticello, Utah, 50 miles south of Moab. While daily drives up to Moab for Ken’s IV antibiotic treatments absorbed a lot of our time, I also had the opportunity to take a few trips to … Read moreExploring Southeastern Utah From Monticello

Well That Sucks: Serious Illness on the Road

Remember at the end of my last post how I joked about public health authorities quarantining us? Well, that actually happened. Sort of. Unfortunately Ken’s flu-like symptoms persisted and his condition continued to deteriorate, so on our last scheduled day in Moab we visited the walk-in clinic at the hospital in hopes they could offer … Read moreWell That Sucks: Serious Illness on the Road