Beginners Begin Coastal Construction

We’ve been here for months working on our future house, and it’s finally time to talk about construction, y’all! That’s mostly because we finally have photos of something other than an empty lot to share. We lived in Florida for years but never this close to the coast, so coastal construction has been an education … Read more Beginners Begin Coastal Construction

Postcard from St. George: Eclectic Architecture

As we hunker down on the Forgotten Coast, our main outdoor activity is walking on St. George Island. Since the beaches remain closed, we walk on the paved multi-use path that runs parallel to the main road for six miles from the state park through the core residential and commercial area of the island. We … Read more Postcard from St. George: Eclectic Architecture

Old Home Week in Jupiter, FL

We lived in northern Palm Beach County (separately and together) for decades. I grew up in Martin County, which is immediately north of Palm Beach County. Over the course of those years we have visited All. The. Places. whether on our own or while hosting visitors from out of town. The area is full of … Read more Old Home Week in Jupiter, FL

Real Florida Adventures in Sebring

Our relocation from the Tampa Bay area to the historic inland town of Sebring was a mere 65 miles, but that was plenty of opportunity for Google Maps to attempt to kill us yet again. We’ve had far too much experience with Google Maps encouraging us to take tiny back roads to cut a corner … Read more Real Florida Adventures in Sebring