Big Heads and Other Monumental Art

Based on the level of snark in my post about the Perez Art Museum, you might think we dislike abstract art. Not so! We love — and own — plenty of abstract pieces. What we don’t have is any deep understanding of the sophisticated hidden meanings in the non-representational pieces. We either like the pieces … Read more Big Heads and Other Monumental Art

An Afternoon on Boston’s Freedom Trail

I was in Boston for work-related meetings, and fortunately my mid-afternoon flight arrival gave me several hours to explore Boston before my first meeting in the evening. Boston is a great destination for a nerdy history buff, but with only a few hours to spend I went with the most obvious choice — a ramble … Read more An Afternoon on Boston’s Freedom Trail

Fighting an Invasion … with Recipes

Florida’s subtropical climate creates a unique ecosystem that is, unfortunately, ripe for invasion by plants, animals and insects from similar climates around the world. Filling South Florida with invaders from tropical areas is a time-honored tradition — many pioneers came to Florida specifically to grow tropical plants such as coconut palms and pineapples. One of … Read more Fighting an Invasion … with Recipes

Miami’s First Skyscraper

I was at Miami’s government center visiting the main library to pick up my brand new library card — can’t wait to start borrowing ebooks!! — and took a side trip to take some photos of the historic 1925 courthouse next door. Although it’s one of the older buildings in downtown Miami, according to the … Read more Miami’s First Skyscraper