Charting the Course

Once we decided to leave Miami and travel around the country, we naturally started to consider where, exactly, we wanted to go. The national park system ranks high on the list for obvious reasons. We didn’t need Ken Burns to tell us that these parks are one of America’s best ideas — these natural areas … Read more

Rocketing Up the Learning Curve at Jonathan Dickinson State Park

We snagged a campsite for the week of Thanksgiving at Jonathan Dickinson State Park in Hobe Sound, where we planned to have our first extended camping experience with our new Airstream trailer while being close to family to celebrate the holiday. The park is packed with enticing amenities and activities, so we hoped to enjoy … Read more

Ripping Off the Band-Aid

Or, How Our Maiden Voyage With Our Airstream Covered 1,250 miles in Three Days After all our advance planning, after purchasing our Airstream travel trailer from a great (but distant) dealer, after finding exactly the right truck to tow the trailer, and after much consternation about learning to safely operate all these large items, it … Read more

We Now Have a Truck

And it’s huge. Our other car, a Mini Cooper S, could probably fit in the bed. But this is the perfect truck for us and it comes into our lives at the necessary time. This purchase is, of course, part II of our grand plan to become equipped to truly explore outstanding natural areas. Part … Read more