We’re Moved In

It’s official: our home now roams. After lots of careful consideration — as well as plenty of hectic throwing things into boxes randomly — we have our final selection of items that are coming on the road with us, and they are all stowed in the trailer. What’s more, we are now living in the trailer to put it through its paces.

Since our cabinets will never again be this organized, here are a few photos of the many storage spaces afforded by our Airstream. Click to enlarge if you want to get even more personal with us. 🙂



Not shown: Our very full wardrobe-turned pantry, capable of storing enough nonperishable food to last for months, our extensive under-bed cabinetry, and many more clever storage solutions. I’m pretty surprised to be able to report that we have several cabinets that are mostly empty at this point. They will surely fill up, but for now it’s nice that we are not bursting at the seams.

The most important aspect of all this is that we haven’t sacrificed any of our creature comforts. All our clothes fit in the available storage, including a very small selection of dress clothes and the winter gear that we’ll need in non-Florida locations. We have a full suite of electronics to keep us entertained and connected, including laptops, cameras, GPS, iPad, and phones, as well as multiple sets of binoculars for when we want better views of the free entertainment nature offers. Equally important to my personal happiness, we have a well-equipped kitchen with all the gadgets I use on a regular basis and even some obscure items that I’ll only use occasionally (I’m looking at you, rolling pin).



To celebrate our milestone, and to immediately dispel the notion that camping food is any less delicious than normal food, we enjoyed what we hope is the first of many, many outstanding home-cooked meals.

The trailer is christened, and we’re off to find adventure!


4 thoughts on “We’re Moved In”

  1. WOW! I can’t prepare a meal that impressive looking and, no doubt, delicious in my stationary fully tricked-out kitchen. And I would like to ‘borrow’ some of your available storage space. What an adventure – lucky lady! Can’t wait to read more as the trip evolves.


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