Rocketing Up the Learning Curve at Jonathan Dickinson State Park

We snagged a campsite for the week of Thanksgiving at Jonathan Dickinson State Park in Hobe Sound, where we planned to have our first extended camping experience with our new Airstream trailer while being close to family to celebrate the holiday. The park is packed with enticing amenities and activities, so we hoped to enjoy … Read more

Carrying on the Croatian Povitica Tradition

Ken’s father’s family originated from Croatia, and like other immigrants they brought their home country food traditions to America. One that has survived to the present day in our family is the time-intensive and resource-intensive walnut-filled coffee cake known as povitica. It’s not a particularly sweet bread, since Eastern Europe traditionally did not have easy … Read more

Delicious Thai Noodle Salad

Since we live in Miami (a/k/a The Land Without Winter) we are always on the lookout for recipes that are suited to a warm climate. Thai food is an excellent source of ideas for these meals. Finding a recipe in the Wall Street Journal — yes, they do print recipes — for a spicy noodle … Read more

Paella Experiment and Thoughts on Saffron

Last weekend featured my first foray into the world of making paella, a classic Spanish dish in which meats and rice are cooked together with vegetables. Getting the timing right so all components cook properly has always seemed intimidating. Why? How? Our Whole Foods has been featuring sales on local seafood, so I wanted to … Read more