Cape Cod: Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary

One of my very best finds in researching things to do and see in Cape Cod was the Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary. This property is owned and operated by Mass Audubon and preserves almost 1,000 acres of environmentally sensitive land on the western (bay) side of Cape Cod just south of the town of Wellfleet. … Read more Cape Cod: Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary

Cape Cod: An Overcast Day in Provincetown

A family reunion has brought us to Cape Cod for a week long stay in Wellfleet (map), which is one of many historic settlements on this maritime peninsula. Wellfleet is at the point where the elfin-shoe of the Cape begins curving back from the Atlantic toward the Massachusetts mainland, and is considered part of the … Read more Cape Cod: An Overcast Day in Provincetown

The Magic City Reprise

The origins of Miami’s nickname, the Magic City, are a little murky, but it appears to be rooted in classic Chamber of Commerce boosterism. The city grew dramatically in the years after the arrival of the railroad in 1896, with the population blossoming from a few dozen people in the pre-railroad era to 444 citizens … Read more The Magic City Reprise

Ripping Off the Band-Aid

Or, How Our Maiden Voyage With Our Airstream Covered 1,250 miles in Three Days After all our advance planning, after purchasing our Airstream travel trailer from a great (but distant) dealer, after finding exactly the right truck to tow the trailer, and after much consternation about learning to safely operate all these large items, it … Read more Ripping Off the Band-Aid