Hitting Arizona’s High Country in Cottonwood

After our stop at Picacho Peak we skipped right over the Phoenix metro area and landed in the historic town of Cottonwood, nestled along the Verde River at an elevation of around 3,500 feet. That increase in elevation meant a few things: our arrival just days after a major snowstorm meant we encountered plenty of … Read moreHitting Arizona’s High Country in Cottonwood

Saying Adios to the Sonoran Desert at Picacho Peak SP

Our final stop in the dramatic and beautiful Sonoran Desert was a short stay at Picacho Peak State Park, located about halfway between Tucson and Phoenix. The day after we left Tucson, the state of Arizona experienced a freak weather pattern that brought several inches of snow to Tucson and Phoenix, and dumped a record-breaking … Read moreSaying Adios to the Sonoran Desert at Picacho Peak SP

Tucson Part 3: Wrapping Up

Our month-long stay in Tucson has flown by, and we’re off to other destinations in Arizona. Staying in one place for an extended period of time helped us get through the coldest month of the year in a relatively comfortable spot, even though an unusually wet winter meant we saw a surprising number of cool, … Read moreTucson Part 3: Wrapping Up

Buzzed by Condors at Pinnacles NP

Pinnacles National Park is not one of the more famous parks in California. Completely overshadowed by famous destinations like Yosemite, Death Valley, and the Redwoods, Pinnacles barely registered with us when we started thinking about our route through the state. Judging from the blank looks we received from family members at Thanksgiving when we mentioned … Read moreBuzzed by Condors at Pinnacles NP

Captivated by the Mountains at Grand Teton National Park

Now, I’m not saying that we quit our jobs, gave away most of our belongings, moved into an RV, and traveled across the country in 6 months just so I could take the photo above. However, as we were planning our journey of American discovery, there were definitely certain camping locations that were on our … Read moreCaptivated by the Mountains at Grand Teton National Park