And Now For Something Completely Different

Between the two of us, and together, we’ve lived in many different places and in a wide variety of types of homes. We both grew up in relatively small towns, in single family homes situated on 1-acre lots. (So we know a lot about mowing large lawns.) We’ve also lived in a golfing getaway designed … Read moreAnd Now For Something Completely Different

Surveying Miami’s Confederate Monuments

Confederate monuments have been much in the news, and the recent controversies have sparked some useful personal reflections. Growing up in the south, I didn’t particularly question the predominance of Confederate monuments. Mostly, I just mocked the maudlin, overwrought testimonies to the greatness and chivalry of the war dead which these monuments tend to feature. … Read moreSurveying Miami’s Confederate Monuments

Cape Cod: Home of Communications Innovations

Any history of Cape Cod is going to have a heavy focus on Pilgrims and whaling, but I discovered a treasure trove of interesting science history when exploring several of the sites within the Cape Cod National Seashore. Lighthouses as Navigation Aids One image that is very much associated with New England in general and … Read moreCape Cod: Home of Communications Innovations

Cape Cod: An Overcast Day in Provincetown

A family reunion has brought us to Cape Cod for a week long stay in Wellfleet (map), which is one of many historic settlements on this maritime peninsula. Wellfleet is at the point where the elfin-shoe of the Cape begins curving back from the Atlantic toward the Massachusetts mainland, and is considered part of the … Read moreCape Cod: An Overcast Day in Provincetown