Predictions About Full-Time Airstream Living

We are generally not impetuous people, and the idea of abandoning a sticks-and-bricks home for an unspecified period of permanent travel is definitely one that took time to take hold of our imagination. For a few years I have been following travel blogs written by a number of full-time RV and travel trailer dwellers — … Read morePredictions About Full-Time Airstream Living

And Now For Something Completely Different

Between the two of us, and together, we’ve lived in many different places and in a wide variety of types of homes. We both grew up in relatively small towns, in single family homes situated on 1-acre lots. (So we know a lot about mowing large lawns.) We’ve also lived in a golfing getaway designed … Read moreAnd Now For Something Completely Different

Confirming the Nomenclature of Big Cypress National Preserve

Winter is the absolute best time to get outdoors in South Florida. While the rest of the country shivers, we’re enjoying mild temperatures (highs around 70) and blissfully low humidity, at least as compared to the rest of the year. A cold snap is particularly welcome because it drives off or kills the blood-thirsty mosquitoes … Read moreConfirming the Nomenclature of Big Cypress National Preserve